Friday, 5 March 2010

The Snake and the Egret

Had a wander before the light levels dipped today. So much for the weather forecast saying it was going to rain! Blue sky and sunshine all day.
And you know what likes sunshine?
He was out basking and as it takes a long time to warm up at this time of year, he was very obliging and let me snap him with my macro lens.

Canon 100mm - f/2.8
(Male Adder)
Then I photographed this Little Egret at Lydney


  1. Good pictures. Tell me, what sort of macro do you have.

  2. beautiful photos… the macro to the snake, I not l' I would have never made… too much fear! hello..!

  3. Thanks Bob.

    Its the Canon 100mm f/2.8 mate. There is a mark 2 version out now with is and L glass, but also with a price tag to match!

  4. Hi Gloria,

    I love snakes, they are my passion. I respect them, but never get complacent.