Thursday, 11 March 2010

Wood Mouse

This was taken with my Blackberry as I really didn't go out to photograph wildlife, but I guess it just finds me.
It is a wood mouse and it was running around on some grass not far from me and a friend, so we stood still and watched it for a few seconds before I hit the dirt!
I have had plenty of elbow stalking practice lately with the deer, so I went for it.....

Closer and closer I got and it was still sat there munching on its biscuit! I actually got so close my phone could not focus and this is the picture.
It was still sat there munching away when we left, amazing!



  1. She is soooo beautiful!! an amazing shot! I once had a very similar experience at the Castle Park, here in Celle. The mouse was so charming, but one view on my LG and up, up and awy might not and so I have no picture. Castlemice are probably more terrifying than woodmice.

    liebe Grüße

  2. Thanks Isabella and bad luck with the terrifying Castlemice!

  3. Thanks Bob. He was down your neck of the woods. By the docks!