Friday, 29 April 2011

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - To Be Scrapped!

If you care for our Wildlife, Countryside and environment then I implore you to sign the petition to help stop "our Government" from scrapping The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Its hard to believe that once again "our Government" is trying to take steps to damage our fragile environment. I can't imagine living in a civilised Country, which has no protection for its wildlife. This Act is the highest form of protection our wildlife has and by removing it, it will open the door to death and destruction!

For instance, we have wildlife in decline throughout the country, like the dormouse, water vole, great crested newt and the adder, to name just a few. We / they need this Act for their ongoing protection and also for the thousands of people who spend countless hours and work very hard protecting and creating endangered habitats.
Have they lost sight of what really matters? Do they not care that one day we will all be living in concrete jungles, choking on the smog filled environment we have created? It is time once again to open their eyes and show them that we do care and we will not bow down to their idiotic idealists!

They tried to sell off our forests and failed due to public condemnation and we should feel proud that we stopped them in their tracks (for now). But once again, I ask you all to stand up and be counted as this issue is just as serious.

Please click the link below and sign the petition.


Also, send a email to your local MP, asking him to clarify what proposals have been made and that you are strongly against them.

Write to Them

Thanks for your support!


Monday, 25 April 2011

The Sun Brings Them Out!

Its been a scorcher over the Bank Holiday so I got out there and covered a lot of ground. Too hot and too busy for the majority of our wildlife and by going deeper into the forest to find them would have just invaded their safe space!
I spent a lot of time searching new areas for the adder and grass snake (to see dedicated blog) Click Here

I found a couple of blue flowers, don't know what they were so I thought I had better take a snap in case they were rare! :-)

Than I found this fella sitting on a stinging nettle leaf!

And this lady - I followed her up the blade of grass and waited patiently for the right moment!

I know they are invasive, destructive and the reason why our native red squirrel is absent from many parts of the UK, but they are cute when they are babies!


Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Encounter!

I spotted a piglet dart onto the track and then back into the verge while I was out searching for wild boar. Then I saw the sow with around 8 piglets in total! I hit the deck and crawled on my belly through mud and brambles until I was approx 20 metres away. This is when the sow walked out onto the path!

She spotted me and proceeded to stalk me from the other side of the path! As I was lying down with my camera rammed into my face, she could not make out what I was and this enticed her to come closer and closer!

She was approximately 3 metres away when she suddenly realised what I was and stopped dead in her tracks. She watched me for a few moments and then as if she had suddenly realised she had piglets nearby - took off!
She ran straight back to her little ones, but stayed in the area, not bothered by my presence.

I carried on crawling on my belly until I got to within a few metres of them, but struggled to get a clear shot of the piglets.
I decided to go back to the area a couple of days later and as luck would have it, they were virtually in the same spot and this time I managed to get a piglet, nearly in the open!

On my way home I decided to stop off and take a look around another hot spot. No wild boar, but I did bump into this fine lady. A roe deer!

And finally, a greylag goose enjoying the sun on a local lake. (I was lying in the mud again!)