Monday, 22 March 2010

Reptiles in the Forest of Dean

Today "terrible", but what a day yesterday? The sun was blazing and the reptiles were out dancing!
I counted 8 adders, at least 12 common lizards and a slow-worm in just one of my survey spots! Naturally I had the camera(s) with me and glad I did as I captured some of my best snake and lizard footage to date!
Safety in numbers! I think these adders are taking advantage of each others body heat?
I see you! This male was on the look out!
A melanistic male adder. How do I know he was a male? He was out of hibernation very early and one of the first adders I saw this year. The females emerge slightly later.
Notice that he has flattened his body. They do this to create a larger area so that they can absorb more heat from the sun.
A common lizard. Wherever you find the predators, you will find their prey not too far away!



  1. How bautiful they are, Rob. Yesterday a nice day and hopefully their will be many more.

  2. They sure are Bob. I'm editing some video to upload soon, good stuff, keep your eye out!