Monday, 1 March 2010

Forestry Commission Rangers at New Fancy Today

I met and had a good chat with two great guys at New Fancy this morning. They were Forestry Commission rangers and one of our topics was about highlighting adder sightings to the FC so that they can help protect the locations in the future.

If either of the two rangers read this, please comment or email me with the details of the gentleman for me to contact. As neither of us had a pen I was unable to note his name and I have forgotten it.
I already survey for NARRS, but if the FC were also aware of my adder hot spots, it would be extremely beneficial for the snakes.




  1. Hi Rob,

    Do NARRS not forward (or make available) the info to the FC themselves? I find it so frustrating doing surveys myself only to find out that the people who manage the area aren't given the results (which is most of the time). It seems ridiculous, to me anyway, that there isn't a closer relationship between these survey groups and the land managers.

    Just my thoughts, I hope your records finally have the conservation value that they should.



    PS. I saw a Comma butterfly today, spring is definitely on the way :)

  2. I know what you mean mate. This is why I'm glad to have met the two rangers, which have now highlighted it.

    Not seen a comma yet, but the adder was a welcome sight.


  3. I hope that they are serious, Rob.

  4. Hi Bob,

    The adder is in decline throughout Britain and the FC do a lot for wildlife conservation, so I very much believe that they are serious.