Monday, 1 March 2010

First Adder of 2010

And some birds of course!

Well the sun was blazing and there was only one thought in my head. Adders!
The temperature was still pretty low, around 6 - 7 degrees, but the sun was strong and there was little wind, so I knew I stood a chance.
There is a young male that I watch every year. I have been watching him for the last 4 years and sure enough he was out, basking in his favourite spot. His eye looked very sharp, but he needs to slough to show off his true magnificence.
He was on the other side of a fence, but I still managed to get a couple of pics of him. I try not to disturb them, especially at this time of year as they have just emerged from hibernation and need all their energy to hunt and survive. The last thing they need is to have to keep moving around because of people ramming cameras in their faces.
The time for pics will come later.

Here he is...

I then left him in peace to catch some more rays.
Moving on, I put some food out for the birds and hung around for a while, hoping for a hawfinch sighting, but it was the usual story I'm afraid, so you will have to settle for these three.

Cole tit soaking up the sun

Lucky little Nuthatch

A male Chaffinch trying to work out what the bright orange this is in the sky!


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