Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Boaring Dragonflies

Here is an update for all things wildlife related, that I have been up to over the last few weeks.


I attended a meeting on Monday 19th August at the Forestry Commission offices to discuss wild boar populations and the planned management for 2013/14.
After the meeting, neither side were happy with the outcome, but at least we managed to come to a compromise.
Full details will come soon.

Meanwhile, here are some recent boar photographs, taken in the Forest of Dean. Light conditions were poor and for all you photo geeks out there I used the following settings.

ISO 3,200
Manual exposure -1
1/60 second
Hand held - (Like a Rock)

One of this years piglets

Sow, rooting for grubs

Sow, rooting for grubs

Found a grub!

Does my snout look big in this?


Anyone who has tried to capture dragonflies in flight will know that this is no easy task. They are continually on the move and you have to be very patient.

I sat by an old tree overlooking a pond and waited for one to come my way. It was getting dusky so I dropped the exposure by three stops and popped in some flash to arrest them in flight.
This also gave the impression that I photographed them at night.

Southern Hawker Dragonfly

Southern Hawker Dragonfly


I headed out to one of my best locations for adders a few days ago, knowing that it was going to be tough due to the length of the grass and bracken.
It proved virtually impossible but I didn't give in. This was what was in front of me.

Adder Habitat
Its hard to imagine that adders favour this, but in the grass are loads of old, disused ant hills and the adders bask on top and around them.
I managed to find four adders (or rather they found me), but after I nearly stood on one and two more hissed at me before I saw them, it was time to call it a day.
This will prove yet again to be my best recording site for 2013. I just need to wait a few more weeks.


I decided to check out the insects at this site and I wasn't disappointed. Loads of butterflies were swarming around the heather and although I really wanted to photograph an adder, my attention soon turned to the insects.


Small Copper

Common Blue


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