Monday, 15 March 2010

Adders in the Forest of Dean

The first 4 images below are of a male adder, but not just a male adder, a melanistic male adder. This is the first one of this kind I have found in the Forest of Dean, so I am well chuffed.

The last image is of a common male adder.

Melanism is the occurrence of an increased amount of dark pigmentation in the skin, which is also evident in feathers, hair and even the eyes.

It is the opposite of albinism.



  1. Wow, a nice picture. Will it go back to its original state Rob?

  2. Thanks Bob.

    Nope, melanism is for life, the same as albinism. I am hoping that this fella hangs around a long time and grows a lot larger. Will make a wicked photograph then.
    I am willing to wait another 5 - 10 years!