Thursday, 2 December 2010

Badger Cull!

The Government is consulting until 8 December 2010 on a policy to control bovine TB (bTB) based on licensing the culling of badgers in specific areas in England. Gloucestershire is one of the counties where the incidence of bovine TB in cattle is particularly high.
Please help oppose the proposed badger cull.




  1. Mixed feelings on this one Rob. Virtually the whole of the UK is managed land there is precious little wilderness under two thousand feet in altitude. Badgers are becoming a nuisance forget the bovine TB. They wreck havoc among ground breeding birds. Now I enjoy all animals but since we as humans have distorted the natural balance I feel we have to continue doing so. Your view is valid, as is mine and the last thing I would advocate is the wholesale slaughter of any wild animal.
    Let us bring back hunting. I wouldn't hunt. Let those that want to do it. Whether it be Deer, Boar, Fox. I draw the line at Hare and Otter as they are a rare sight. I wholeheartedly support you in your defence of our two indigenous snakes. The grey Heron is also becoming far too commonplace. I rely on people like you to educate me. I have empathy but at sixty am just starting out down the road of appreciating my fellow creatures.

  2. Adrian, your views and comments are always appreciated.

    If we are the main cause of this suffering, then how can endorsing more suffering be right?
    Hunting is a blood sport and has no place in wildlife management and conservation today.
    Nature / wildlife can and will find a balance. If we have to lend a helping hand, then we should do it by helping the prey species, not persecuting the predator. After all, every living thing on this planet needs to feed in one way or another, so we are all predators.
    If a predators prey declines, so will the predator, then we have a balance.
    I agree that sometimes this doesn't happen and this is when we should step in.

    If we have distorted the natural balance, then shouldn't we be looking at ways to undo the damage and stop the distortion. By carrying on, we will eventually destroy the natural world.

    Back to the hunting - To have gun toting, trigger happy red-necks running around the forest with a weapon capable of killing a human, instantly, is not a good idea. Especially when people like me try and camoflauge ourselves to blend into the background!

  3. Okay Rob I will think again. Some problem you pose. The flippant reply is hunt humans. Those with tattoos, shell suits and anything that resembles a pit bull terrier would be my first choice as BMW drivers.
    I know it's not a joke. I apologise for commenting in this fashion. Just can't help it.
    The fact remains that to keep a balance and keep species we have to be in command. Hunters hoorays, call them what you will, do have discipline. Keep at it, I am am on your side more than the other.

  4. You really care about wildlife and nature, how adorable. Very interesting blog, congratulations.