Monday, 20 December 2010

Help the Birds this Winter!

Did my duty and gave the birds a feast yesterday. One thing I did notice was the absence of quite a few different species from my usual feeding site.

No Bluetits
No Dunnocks
No Grey Wagtails
No Pied Wagtails
No Long Tailed Tits
No Great Spotted Woodpeckers
And only a couple of Great Tits and Chaffinches

There were plenty of robins, cole tits, nuthatches and blackbirds, but I was a bit concerned at the absence of the other birds as this area has "always" shown a great abundance of birds and a wide variety of different species.



  1. The small birds are taking a real beating Rob. I've noticed a decline in the past fortnight. The days are just too short for them to eat enough to get them through the night. Plus Crows Blackbirds Gulls and Wood Pigeon are driving the smaller birds from my feeders. I suspect water is a problem as I'm breaking the ice on the water bowl hourly.

  2. Keep changeing that water and topping the food up. I think we may have to get a small mortgage to pay for all the food we have been buying. Ive had a lot of blue tits and sparrows in my garden, my parents in yorkley get loads of blue tits and coal tits.