Friday, 17 December 2010

The Forest of Dean is NOT FOR SALE!

Living in the Forest of Dean my whole life has been incredible. My childhood memories of building tree camps and walking around the forest finding snakes, while learning about all our other wildlife could never be topped.
Every day I grow fonder of this place and could not imagine living anywhere else. Away from my family, the forest and wildlife is my passion, my reason for living.

I would like to ask everyone who is reading this to support the fight to save the Forest of Dean from being sold into private ownership.
The FoD is one of Britain's most ancient forests and because of its unique, ancient and varied habitats, it also supports wildlife, which is also unique.
Bircham Wood near Coleford in the Forest of Dean has already been sold. Hunting and harvesting rights were included in the sale and this is bad news for the forest and our wildlife!
Once the wildlife has been shot and the trees chopped down, we could see this beautiful part of the forest left as a baron wasteland, or even worse, developed for housing etc.
There is not one part of the forest, which is safe!

I can't and don't want to imagine what the FoD would look like without its forest, but one thing I do know.....

It would then be called just "The Dean!"

We are going to need more than just a giant if we are to stop these insane proposals, so please help us be showing your support, today!


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  1. Rob...We didn't vote for them but the hoorays are in power. Anything hoorays don't need or want is expendable.
    Who is your MP....another bent money grubbing toe rag no doubt.....bombard him. You have to stand up to the twits. Every time he fails you an appointment. Log it....When it comes up for sale buy it......ask a don't need the money ask Richard Budge he bought British Coal from the last lot of their ilk and never paid for it.