Sunday, 28 February 2010

Countryfile Wild Boar

Anyone watch Countryfile tonight? You know the show, which I was supposed to be in? Not bitter you understand, just have to put my speach on ice that's all.
What did you think? Did you think Dr. Martin Goulding got it right about the dogs on leads? And what about the fact that the FC baited boar to a high seat within 20 mins?

I think there should be guidelines, but you will never stop people letting their dogs run loose in the forest and this is where we will see an incident between boar and human one day. Hopefully not, but its in some peoples nature to put themselves at risk for their pet. Some people even loose their life in the process, especially in the winter when dogs fall through ice.

What about the high seats? For boar to turn up within 20min, the boar will be frequenting this spot every night, or at least every other night.
One point, which was made by the FC ranger, which I have to agree with is that we (humans) "have" taken away the wild boar's natural predators, so to sustain a healthy sounder, we (humans) must take that job.
As long as the wild boar are managed correctly, e.g. No sows shot while feeding young and they are monitored and not over culled, this will work fine "and" prove lucrative to the FC.

Your thoughts...



  1. Hi Rob,

    Agree with pretty much everything there. All dogs on leads is not going to happen and I don't think it should either, dogs should be under control not necessarily on leads IMO. If the owners can't control them, then should they be kept away from wildlife, people, and other dogs? Its a difficult one when you think about it.

    There should be a closed season and details of each boar killed should be made available to the public (number, age, sex), surely these notes are already taken by the rangers? I'm sure lots of people who watched the show are shocked that culling is even taking place at such a high level seeing as the FCs statements have always claimed only problem animals are being removed. Lets hope this opens up the situation a little with more honesty. Also I reckon some of the profits gained from the sale of carcasses should be put back into conservation projects in the dean, instead of the FCs piggy bank ;).



  2. Thanks for your views and input Lewis, always appreciated mate.
    I have questioned the FC on their wildlife management recently, but I have stepped back as I am wrong to do this.
    A lot of my comments have been based on assumptions and as I have not got a degree in wildlife and woodland management, I need to respect and trust the FC.
    I know you may not agree with this, but I think they need a chance where the wild boar are concerned.
    Lets face it, they're damned if they do and damned if they don't!

  3. Hi Rob,

    You really don't need a degree to question or be concerned about whats happening to wildlife in your area, of course you have a right to ask questions. Being just a couple of months away from gaining my wildlife management degree, I would fully expect and appreciate public questions and fears on the subject if I was in that position. The only reason people have been forced to make assumptions such as yours is because of the secrecy surrounding the whole issue. I agree they are in a difficult position, but it has been handled poorly from the start and they have landed themselves in that position IMO. A degree of suspicion will continue from me I'm afraid, but I respect your opinion.



  4. I understand that mate, but there are reasons why the FC and other government organisations can't always go public with all of their operations.
    You have the wildlife lovers and conservationists and then you have the extremists that will threaten and even use violence if they find out about “any” animal control, no matter how important.
    Not everybody sees things in the same way as we do. There are also people who think that rabbits are fluffy, cuddly and smell like lavender! Strange they might be, but it’s true and they think they are right.

    I do agree that we need to ask questions and we need to be made aware of what is happening with regard to the wildlife in our area, but I have not been very tactful of late and this is my reason for stepping back and stopping my criticism.
    I think the best way of getting results is by working together and gaining trust. Not by having a slanging match and making enemies!

    Good luck with the degree Lewis, good on ya and keep up the good work.