Friday, 5 February 2010

Lord of the Flies!

I have not posted any pics for a while, so there will be a few at the end of this post.
First of all, BBC Radio Gloucestershire will be broadcasting a series next week about "going undercover" and they kindly asked me to contribute.
Going undercover can be represented in lots of ways, from detective work, to tracking and finding wildlife. That's my bit!
I have already recorded my segment and will let you know when it is on. I will also post a direct link.
Look out for it, it will be very interesting.
Here are some pics...
Now we all know that wildlife is not always cute and cuddly. The following pics show just that.
Even though they are hairy and ugly, they are still fascinating!

If you have made it past the flies, here is a cute Dunnock for you!



  1. The flies are actually not ugly in close up, they're fascinating. There are some lovely colours there, such as the blue on the fly in the second pic and the bronzes on the fly in the third pic.

  2. Stunning collection Rob.
    Great macro images,i love flies.