Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Asda Support Badger Cull!

The ignorance from this man is astounding and it is blatantly obvious that he is acting on commands passed down to him from senior management. It is also obvious that he has no understanding of bTB in the UK today.
What makes it even more absurd is that this statement has been issued before an accurate public response to the badger cull has been announced.
This could and probably will backfire on Asda, but one thing is for sure - they will carry the label as a supermarket that holds its profits in higher regard, than our wildlife!

A Email below from Adam Bagnall, ASDA Service Team.

Thank you for taking the time to email Asda about dairy UK Position on Bovine TB July 2011.

Healthy dairy cows and a healthy badger population is the goal in seeking to eradicate bovine TB through the implementation of a carefully managed science-led programme of badger control.

Bovine TB is one of the most serious problems facing the dairy industry at present. It continues to spread throughout England and Wales, resulting in the slaughter of tens of thousands of dairy cows every year and inflicting severe damage on the financial and emotional well-being of many hundreds of dairy farmers and the rural communities they are part of.

Urgent and effective action needs to be taken to address this disease, which impacts on the health and welfare of wild and farmed animals alike. As such we fully support the Government's decision to implement a science based approach to tackling Bovine TB.

Thank you once again for taking the time to email Asda and If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Kind regards

Adam Bagnall
ASDA Service Team


  1. We don't have an ASDA here on the Isle of Wight (yet - I think we're going to get one within the next couple of years, unfortunately, not that we need yet another supermarket on our tiny island!) but if we did, I would not be shopping there after reading that.

  2. Rob..........for once I disagree. this country has to be managed........Badger numbers are getting out of control. They have no predators other than the car. They are wee devils for pinching eggs...........I love seeing them but they, like deer, do need controlling.

  3. Hi Adrian - or we could bring back the Lynx and the wildcat, eagle and beaver! Give them some predators and competition!

    Seriously though this is not about population control. It is an attempt to pander to the NFU by a group of desperate Ministers. The cull is unlikely to help bTB, is expensive, anti-science and anti-environment.

  4. Hi Rob, great pix! Particularly like the snakes. I'm just up the road from you actually and blog about my own pix and encounters http://blackartz.com/blog Can I add you to my blogroll?

    On topic though, and mainly for Adrian's benefit, badgers probably haven't had serious natural predators since the last ice age!

    No national survey has been carried out since 1997 and so there is no accurate estimate of the size of the badger population now, nor of whether numbers have increased, decreased or remained stable since then.

    Like most species their numbers will be dependant on the availability of suitable habitat and the abundance of food - mostly earthworms. The occasional egg is probably a real treat and eating them, pretty much is part of their job description.

    Lastly, ASDA also seem to have changed their tune a little: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-the-British-Badger-Cull/253677804659014 presumably hoping to pick up some pro-cull shoppers disgruntled by Tesco's new very strict anti cull policy :)