Sunday, 14 February 2010

Wild Boar Shot!

Early morning on Saturday the 13th Feb I saw a dead wild boar sow at the side of the road between the Dilke Hospital and Speech House. I was not driving so could not stop to inspect it, to try and determine how she had met her end.
However, my friend did stop and inspected the carcass. She had been shot once through the mid section. It was a single puncture wound, typical of a bullet.
On Friday 12th Feb morning, there were around 4 vehicles parked inside a barrier just below the Dilke hospital and numerous shots were being fired. I am no expert on guns, but they sounded like shotguns.
As the vehicles were not suspicious, this incident was not reported.

I now have concerns that the dead boar is connected to this shooting. If I am correct, this wild boar sow, which was quite large, had been walking around the forest injured for quite some time and we all know defensive, unpredictable and dangerous a wounded animal can be.
If this boar was injured in this shooting. To get from where she was shot, to the area where she died, she would have passed through numerous paths, which are used regularly by dog walkers, joggers and photographers!

I just think its a bit of a coincidence....


It has been brought to my attention that the shooting was from the ongoing grey squirrel cull in the Dean, where shotguns are used.
This means that the wild boar killed with a single bullet wound was 99.9% killed by poachers.


  1. Hi Rob,

    I was in the Speech House area on Friday, the shots you heard were from the ongoing Grey Squirrel cull by the FC and contractors. They surround drays, prod them with long poles, and then shoot any squirrels that run out with shotguns. Who knows how many Goshawk pairs have abandoned nest sites due to such high disturbance at this time of year. The injury you describe sounds like a rifle wound, probably from poachers.



  2. Hi Lewis,

    I appreciate the info mate, thanks. Will put a edit at the bottom of my post.


  3. They (the poachers) are bloody lunatics, thats all I can say.

  4. Just don't walk around the forest with a fake pair of antlers on your head Bob, that's all I can say. Or you might find your head is being displayed above a fireplace and that will play havok with your sinuses!

    This should be "TOP" priority now.

  5. How about shooting one of the poachers in the gut and let it roam around until it dies.

  6. Yeah, sounds good to me Tony.