Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wild Boar Control

Below is an article featured in a local newspaper this week. Mr. Goulding carried out the filming for Countryfile, which I was originally lined up for.

As I have said many times before, wild boar young are not weaned until they are 3 months old. So if the findings are correct, Martin has confirmed my fears.
Young boar are being orphaned and left to endure a slow, painful death.
This is not scaremongering as I have been accused of in the past, it is a fact and a very harsh one.



  1. I always say, that they should be left alone. They are so beautiful, so let them be.

  2. If only more people had your compassion and vision Bob. They are beautiful and deserve to be left alone to live their life in peace.
    Yes they need to be controlled, but properly with a proper management structure in place to prevent them from being exploited and persecuted.


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  4. Hi Rob,

    Unfortunately this just shows that what we've all feared has been secretly happening is in fact the truth. Very cloak and dagger. And the FC wonder why nobody trusts them! It will be interesting to see what is said on Sunday, Martin is a good guy and I'm sure he will apply more pressure, if he isn't heavily edited (which wouldn't surprise me!). When I did an interview for BBCs Inside Out I was edited and my views were lost, instead they decided to focus on a woman who claimed boar had attacked and killed one of her COWS and injured others! They even quoted me on their website as saying things I didn't, hmmmm....and a government department is involved.



  5. Yep I agree with you Lewis. I have also been heavily edited in the past, but on the radio. Also the most important bits and the parts, which really matter are usually left out! We will see on Sunday.

    The way forward is for transparency from the FC and a willingness to work with people like us. It is no good them saying, "who do they think they are", they must trust us and we will then be able to trust each other. Then pigs will fly!
    I look forward to the day we actually meet Lewis.
    Keep up the good work.