Wednesday, 3 February 2010

BBC Radio Glos Feature - Wild Boar

Wild Boar.

Below is a link to my radio interview with BBC Radio Gloucestershire, which went out earlier today.

Firstly, there are a few points I would like to make as there is always a lot of editing involved if you are not live and not everything comes over as said, or as it is meant to be perceived...
  1. In my interview, I mentioned that the Forestry Commission has a hard job and that I respect them as they do a fantastic job managing our forest and our deer. I also said that I would support the same policy for wild boar management. This was not aired!
  2. The road verges do not repair themselves overnight, nor do they repair themselves when the ground is frozen. The majority of road verges have been clean for quite some time, this means that there has been a decrease in boar activity.
  3. Click this link to a "This is Gloucestershire" story from the 3rd January 2010, where a Forestry Ranger confirmed a wild boar cull. Something, which is now being denied. This is why we mentioned the "legal" Forestry cull.
  4. My "ONLY" reason for helping to form "Friends of the Wild Boar" is to help this species get the protection in needs and deserves in the UK. I am not looking for recognition and I am certainly not looking for financial gain. The Llama Trekking is Mr Fraser's business and has nothing to do with me or "Friends of the Wild Boar" and it should not have been mentioned.

I have no interest in any business venture whatsoever where the wild boar, or captive animals are concerned and I will never highlight a wild boar location to the public, unless I am 100% sure that it has moved on from the area. This animal needs to be left alone!

I think about our wildlife 100%, not myself and not anyone else. This creature needs a voice and I am going to give it one.

Mr Guest said that our comments were just scaremongering. Well Mr Guest I can assure you that the only scaremongering going on is all the lies and false gossip, which is and has been doing the rounds since the boar arrived in the Dean. Perhaps a statement from you in the local press giving the public the "FACTS" would help. Or would you like me to do it?

The vast majority of people in the UK watch wildlife documentaries on the TV and comment on how people in foreign countries should work harder to learn to live with their wildlife, which are viewed as dangerous by most. Then along comes a wild boar in the UK and they are too scared to walk out of their front door! Practice what you preach!

I am not doing this to make friends or enemies, I am doing this to help a controversial creature survive.

1st part (skip to - 1h 15min 27sec) 2nd part (skip to - 2h 36min 04sec)



  1. Hi Rob,

    I agree with all that you say there, accept the first point. In my view the FCs management of the dean is poor, especially when it comes to wildlife and I have pretty much lost all respect for them as a department in the last couple of years.

    Well done you for getting involved and airing your (and many others') views.



  2. Thanks Lewis,

    I haven't finished yet. As long as they don't cancel, I will be filming for a well respected and highly viewed national TV show early next week.
    Countryfile! Bring it on.