Monday, 4 January 2010

Wild Boar To Be Culled!

I have always been open to the fact that the wild boar population will need managing. Like the fallow deer they have no natural predators, so it is up to us to have a good management system in place to control their numbers.
This is already being done with the fallow deer and I can't see it being a problem if the same system was used to control the wild boar.

On Sunday 3rd January 2010, this is what is being written....

Mr. Sykes has estimated that there are between 90 and 150 wild boar roaming the Forest of Dean. This tells me that he has no idea whatsoever as to the true numbers out there?
He then goes on to say there will be a cull and that the roaming numbers will be kept to 100.
How on earth will he or the shooters know when there are approx 100 left alive when they don't know how many are out there now?
This is another wild statement and I am shocked that it has made it to print! It just points out the fact that there is still a shoot now, ask questions later policy. Also, it tells me that they have never taken the wild boar seriously in the Dean.

If they think there are up to 150 roaming and they only want 100, you can guarantee that they will be looking to take out approx 50!
What if they are wrong and there is only 70 out there?
Sorry, but this is animal cruelty that is being covered up by the word cull! The wild boar is a large mammal that has tusks and is not afraid of dogs like all our other wildlife in the FoD. This has got a lot of people edgy, worried and it has thrown up a lot of scaremongering stories, but the majority of the scare stories are coming from people blowing things out of proportion with exaggeration.
I walk the forest more than most, I check out recent boar sightings as often as I can, but I hardly ever see them.
If there are people out there who see them on a regular basis, they should consider themselves lucky.

Once again we are giving in to the small minded people who influence our actions by using the words "kill" "child" "dog" and "dangerous". These people will not be happy until they have their PC nanny state, even though half of them do not even go near the woods themselves.

It makes me sick to the stomach, knowing that the wild boar are being killed so that we can let our pets run wild, terrorising the wildlife in our forest!


  1. I ask the question how many children have been killed by a wild boar even a sow.
    and I can bet if there was one, all the boars would have been butchered by now. and if they are so worried about it why do they not make a proper survey. when some one a few years ago said I am a mid walian meaning he was neither north or south walian so they did a survey knocking on all the doors in mid wales asking the stupid question would you like to be known as a mid walian 8 people employed for the 6 months to do a simple survey. I also mentioned before about dogs roaming the country side if there are sheep in the area the dogs cause gid that is fatal in sheep, country guidelines fir dogs is they should always be on a leash and have a muzzle on.

  2. Thanks for the support Tony.

  3. Well said Rob. I agree with you 100%. It makes me cross when people think that just because an animal poses - in their minds - a 'threat' then it has to die, and even more so when the emotive words 'kill', 'maim', and 'child' are used as a lever in their argument.
    Nice blog, I stumbled across it by accident, but I'll be adding it to my links.

  4. Thanks Fay.

    And thanks for the support.


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