Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wild Boar Cull - What Cull!

There have been numerous reports that a green light has been given for a wild boar cull in the Forest of Dean this year.
This morning, it has been brought to my attention that these rumours are untrue and that the only measures being taken are...

The Commission are simply going to follow the FODDC and verderers recommendations to shoot or drive off any boar causing trouble if they get into conflict with communities.

The problem is that when you read an article from a local press source, you expect them to have some evidence before putting it to print! Here:

I have great admiration for the Forestry Commission and the work they do, but I think a transparent letter confirming what their short and long term plans are, where the wild boar are concerned would put a stop to all the gossip and rumours.



  1. Can only echo bobs words, well said rob any further developments on the cull?

  2. Thanks forestwildlife.

    Not yet, but my source (a newspaper editor) got his info direct from the Forestry Commission and a comment was printed in a local newspaper from a FC spokesperson this week, confirming that there is no planned cull.