Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hard Time For All Animals

On Tuesday 12th, I decided to pop out to feed and hopefully get some half decent pics of the birds at Speech House. Lucky I did as the snow came in that night and made it impossible for me to get out.
When I got out, there was a slight problem! The free grazing sheep in the area have wised up to people taking food out for the birds and they hide in the forest, waiting until you put the food out, then they emerge like ravenous vultures!

One steps out and does a bit of posing, just to distract you while the others pile into the bird food!

I was a bit annoyed at first, until I realised that there was no way of stopping them and that they must be extremely hungry to eat bird seed.
Especially as there were around 15 of them.

So I decided to find another spot, where they could not reach the food. I found one, just around the corner and luckily I still had enough food to see the birds alright.


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