Tuesday, 26 January 2010

An hour in the Forest of Dean

Popped out while there was still enough light to get some pics and was surprised at what I saw in just an hour!
Captured everything except the one, which I really wanted. A sparrow hawk!
It was pretty cold out, close to freezing so I made sure I had some food for the birds, as I always do.

Great Spotted Woodpecker


Tree Creeper

The light levels were poor and I was struggling for shutter speed, so I decided to try and find some deer.
It wasn't long before I found some. I settled down and got the camera out. No good for images, but there was enough light to do some filming.
It was freezing and I couldn't feel my bum and feet from sitting in freezing, damp and cramped conditions. Just as I put the camera away, a sparrow hawk flew past and settled in a tree no more than 20 metres away.
I was like a fumbling idiot, trying to get the camera back out of the bag. Too late, I watched him glide away!
Next time, I'll av him!



  1. I really like your header, it just wanted to play. Ha ha ha.

  2. Nice set of photos Rob

  3. Thanks Bob. It is catchy isn't it!

  4. Great images Rob,lovely Header shot.

  5. Thanks John. The deer shot in my page header is being used to advertise the nature section of the 2010 Forest of Dean Visitors Guide.

    Glad you like it. One of my better efforts!