Friday, 29 January 2010

Fallow Doe

Tried my hardest to find some wild boar for you today folks, but the weather was against me and I failed.
Looking at it positively, a failure is one step closer to success, so it won't be long.

I did manage to spot a fallow doe before the skies turned grey and the sleet started to fall! I could see her grazing through some trees, she had the sun on her back.
Carefully and quietly I crept up as close as I could, until I was no more than 7 or 8 metres away.

There was a lot of bracken in the way and I was finding it hard to get a clear view. Then she spotted me!

As long as you are quiet and calm, fallow deer will stand and look at you for a while before running away, this is when you can get your shot.



  1. Standing or sitting down, is the best way to watch any animal or bird.

  2. I was lying down for a while out there today Bob. Very wet and slippy.
    Saw you at New Fancy just after I got this shot.