Friday, 29 January 2010

The Alien Planet

About 30min ago I was sat with a nice cold ale when I suddenly remembered that someone had told me to look out for the planet Mars tonight. They told me that it would be visible to the left of the full moon.

So out I went, in the snow and sure enough there it was shining away.
This pic is over exposed purposely to highlight Mars, which is on the left, I hope!

I think you know what this is!

Mars. I tried to get it sharp, but it was just that little bit too far away!!!

So I cropped it instead. Sorry about the pixels, but this is a 10MB file cropped to a couple of mm.



  1. Great shots Rob. What sort of lens did you use?

  2. Hi Bob,

    I used the pump mate. 100-400mm Canon at 400mm. Tripod on self timer.

    ISO - 100
    1/13 Sec for Mars
    1/400 Sec for the Moon