Thursday, 29 September 2011

What a "Waste!"

If you live in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley area, you will probably be aware that yet another white fallow buck has died!
Not from being involved in a collision with a car like the last one, but from discarded rope getting tangled in his antlers and then with a melanistic (black) bucks antlers as they fought, during rutting. Sadly the white buck died before he could be saved and as these animals are quite rare, it was very sad news.

Story Here

The white buck was a lot younger than the black buck and this would have meant he was not as strong, hence the reason why he perished first. If the two lads hadn't found them, the black buck would have perished also. Basically with a combination of factors ranging from stress, lactic acid build up and exhaustion, he didn't stand a chance and probably died from heart failure.
You can judge a buck's age from the size of his antlers and as you can see in the photograph, the white buck had significantly smaller antlers.

As many of you know, I write a wildlife column called Ward's Wildlife for a local newspaper, but I don't expect anyone can remember the very first article I wrote?
It was simply called "Fly Tipping" and it showed the consequences of what discarded material such as rope can have on our wildlife and environment.

Link to article on my blog as I can't find the original online. Warning, graphic photograph! Article Here

Some people just don't care and they don't give a damn about our wildlife. I know, I have met many of them in the forest over the years.
I just hope that when one of these people are eventually caught, the punishment will be an example to show the others that their behaviour is wrong and cruel, and will not be tolerated.
I urge everyone to report any fly tipping to me anonymously by email, thanks.


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  1. Your local homo sapiens are not fit to have wildlife within miles of them. Round them up and send them to Clumber Park, the wildlife not the humans. Forty thousand acres for them to enjoy.
    I see that a lady was chased by a 'Rutting Stag' in Richmond Park this week. Very dangerous!I almost wet myself laughing! If one doesn't run and keeps within their comfort zone they are fine. If one runs or gets too close.......well! Had it got her then she wouldn't be capable of breeding similar Muppets.......I'm a Darwinian!
    Sorry about your stag but he was always going to be picked on.....just like the 'Little White Bull'
    Keep fighting. The dim of the world hate but needs crusaders.