Thursday, 8 April 2010

Horrific End for a Giant

This will probably be disturbing to most, but I need to post the pic to raise awareness on the plight of our wildlife when people fly tip and just discard their waste without thinking or caring about our wildlife.
This fallow deer buck had obviously picked up this twine and had made it quite deep into the forest before getting tangled up with the tree.

This is where he died, after a slow agonising, excruciatingly painful death!

All that is left are his antlers, still tangled in the twine and some scattered bones, which would have been dragged away after he was scavenged by foxes, birds and anything else that came by.
The bark had been rubbed off the tree from him going round and round trying to free himself!

I am hoping that this pic will make some people think twice in the future and if only one person thinks twice before throwing their coke can out the window, or the local builder takes his rubbish to the correct disposal point, then this fella would not have died in vain.
Thanks to Neil Henderson for bringing this to my attention and allowing me to use his photograph.

R.I.P - for your last days on earth were hell!

(c) Neil Henderson



  1. A horrible way to go! Always problems when people don't think. Here it's lizards and snakes getting their heads stuck in old coke and beer cans.

  2. I am going to start documenting the problem to raise awareness regarding it Richard. Hopefully if a child sees what can happen, they might have a go at dad, next time he's off to do a spot of fly tipping!

  3. Well said Rob, and good idea to document and photograph it all. Phil

  4. I've only just seen this Rob, what a terrible way for that lovely animal to die.

    I do wish people would think (if they have the brains to) before discarding their rubbish.
    When there are tips that you can dispose of these things without any charge, it really makes me so angry. Surely it would cost just the same to drive to a tip, as it would to dump it out into our beautiful countryside.