Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Fox!

It was a fantastic day on Sunday 24th July, so I ventured out to find the elusive wild boar.
Even though I had been walking for two hours and covered a lot of ground, I hadn't seen anything, which was not good.
I came across an area with very good, far reaching views in all directions and decided to see if the wildlife would come to me instead.
I found a nice tree to rest against and sat down with my back against it. This is when I tune into my surroundings - I hear more and usually see more like this as the slightest sounds can be picked up. I didn't hear the fox, but saw him from a distance as he made his way up the grassy verge towards me.

I was sure that he had spotted me when he walked into the verge and thought that was it, but I stayed put, hoping that he hadn't. I was right as he walked back out even closer!

Closer still and this time I thought he was definitely history as he was looking straight at me, but I stayed perfectly still as he carried on sniffing the air and the ground. He was quite close now!

I was resting my elbows on my knees while holding my camera, with my eyes and face covered. I was starting to wonder how close he would come!

I watched as he scanned around for any possible threats. Then he would walk a little closer and scent mark the area, not knowing that I was no more than 8 metres in front of him!

Then he saw me and was off like a rocket!

He didn't go far though and stopped to try and make out what I was. This is when I captured this image.

So, no boars, but one truly awesome encounter with a red fox. Well worth the effort!


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  1. I was going to say what wonderful lucky shots. Wonderful shots and an equal dose of field craft. Great set!