Thursday, 8 April 2010

Juvenile Adders

Below us a pic of a juvenile adder that I found and photographed earlier today.
She is one of last years offspring and very tiny. I nearly missed her and had to really stare before focussing on her.
Also a couple of lizards and a slow worm, plus a male adder with a female sneaking up on him!


  1. I'm jealous. These are smashing.

  2. how do you tell a male from a female.
    can one tell a male from a female monitor lizard?

  3. Not sure about the monitor lizard without looking it up Tony as I've never seen one, but the way to distinguish male and female adders is by their colour and size (in adult snakes).
    Males are grey(ish) with a dark, sometimes almost black zig-zag marking and the female is brown with a darker brown zig-zag.
    Females are a lot bigger than the males when fully grown.

    Thanks Adrian.