Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Recent photographs

Here are some pics from the last couple of days.

I don't know what this bird is called! Maybe someone can help?

Red Eared Terrapin, or Red Slider. This is a alien species. Probably a discarded pet?

Grey Heron in the sun

Cormorant on a misty lake

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Rob.
    I don't know what this bird is, maybe its a Lapwing. But, what a day you had, all the rest are magnificent. The Grey Heron in the air and this one, a Cormorant in misty surrounds. Well done!

  2. Thanks Bob, I have been searching around and asking a few folks! I think it's a green sandpiper?

    The grey heron didn't see me until the last moment, so I was ready for him, as he turned and the sun hit him, Bingo!

  3. Hi Rob,

    I would also go with Green Sandpiper. Not many pass through the forest, so a good sighting!



  4. Thanks Lewis,

    It was a good day and the previous evening I saw a few boar also, so a very good couple of days.