Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Forest Poems

A couple of poems as some of you liked my last one. This first one is simply called...
"The Forest of Dean" and if you haven't seen it, look at the first letter of each line. It spells out a wonderful place!

"The Forest of Dean"

From warm summer sun, to winters bite
Our seasons, a remarkable sight
Rivers winding and weaving away
Early morning, to end of day
Starlings flock, each others rock
Together they fly, I wonder why?

Otters playing, near the stream
Fade away to a distant dream

Done, my work will never be
Even if, they were all free
Ask yourself; is it worth the pain?
Never will it be for gain

This one is called "Too Macho"

The forestry paths, they look like a snake
Winding around, oh look there’s a drake
A newcomer ahead, oh no it’s a boar
They want them all dead; I find this the real bore!

Some say I am mad, to walk here alone
But after a while their voices just drone
As I walk at night, there is nothing to fear
But I do get a fright when I startle a deer!

From the wind in the trees
To a leaf on the breeze
I am really quite at ease

Some sit at home through the wind and the rain
Not me though, it’s never a pain
From tough winter snow, to autumn glow
The animals, they all know

I am at one, even after a fall
Sit there and listen, what is that call?
I love to roam and I never groan
For this place is my home

“Tree hugger”, huh, I’ve been called worse
Don’t they know, we all know how to curse!
Some think they’re too macho to do this thing
“But they just wear too much bling”!

To my friends and foe
Even the people I do not know
Do not judge me for what I do
For one day it will be you



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