Tuesday, 22 September 2009

New Deer Pics & Video from the Forest of Dean

Well, the fallow deer rut is around the corner and the doe's are already grouping. Counted 19 in two groups on Monday 21st September.
I managed to get some pics of the one group. Here they are...

Click on the images for larger size.

This image has been cropped to highlight the tick on top of her left ear!

Two young doe's having a bit of fun. The dark one is melanistic.

Spotted me! Oh well never mind!

OK, this is not a deer, nor is it in the Forest of Dean! It's a grey heron I photographed on the river Avon earlier this month.

This is a rare treat! A pure white fallow buck, not a true albinistic fallow buck, but impressive none the less. I filmed him on Tuesday 22nd September.
I was quite a way off and I didn't want to scare him away by trying to get closer. 50x optical zoom pulled him in though.


  1. The albino stag was hard to see, but to photograph him, was really a surprise. Nice one Rob.

  2. Thanks Bob.

    I will not rest until I have captured him on my Canon now.
    It's going to be an obsession!