Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Due to manipulation of text used against me, the use of any or all of the wording below may not be used without prior consent from the author Robin Ward.


As many of you are already aware and for those of you who don't know; I helped set up and run the following conservation groups.

GlosARG - Gloucestershire Amphibian and Reptile Group 
UKWBT - UK Wild Boar Trust 

I am not one to play tit for tat crap on-line as I value and use my spare time wisely regarding the conservation of our wildlife.
However, due to recent manipulated publications by a certain so called jealous wildlife campaigner who obviously has too much time on his hands, I feel I must make the following perfectly clear.

I, nor any conservation group that I am a member of supports the unnecessary killing of "any" wildlife in the UK.
UKWBT has released the following and this is also GlosARG's stance.

UK Wild Boar Trust Cull Policy

We want to reassure our supporters that UKWBT do NOT support the idea of wild boar, or any other animal, being managed by lethal methods. 

UKWBT will campaign to ensure that if a cull is to be carried out by Land Owners/Forestry Commission, it will only happen if absolutely necessary and on the back of an accurate and/or logical estimation of population numbers.

We strongly believe if UKWBT can negotiate a lower cull target through working with the Land Owners/Forestry Commission on the management of the wild boar, based on our own research into the boar population, this will be a successful commitment to the wild boar and will save the lives of many animals. 

This can also be viewed on the front page of our website HERE

It is such a shame that this one person, with an ego large enough to explode out of his head like a volcano can be so negative and aggressive towards two substantial conservation groups that are obviously doing very well in a very short space of time.

With a prestigious Patron list including Chris Packham, Andy Rouse, Iolo Williams, Zara Boland and Sarah Jane Honeywell, we are obviously pro-active, trusted and committed to the welfare of wildlife in the UK. Sadly something one very small minded person is now trying to damage through pure jealousy.

Further details on our Patrons can be found - HERE

UKWBT and GlosARG will rise above this pettiness and we will succeed where certain others will fail. We will never let anything get us down and we will always put the wildlife first.

I hope you respect and support the work that a few dedicated volunteers are carrying out in the name of wildlife throughout the UK.


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  1. Very well said Rob and the very best of luck with your continued good work. Your dedication is admirable.