Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ward's Wildlife Scrapped

If you live in the Forest of Dean / Wye Valley area then you will probably get the Forest and Wye Valley Review newspaper.
For over a year I have been writing a column called Ward's Wildlife for this newspaper, highlighting wildlife in the area, while also highlighting any issues surrounding it. I have also used this column to help generate volunteers for Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust; once recruiting more than a dozen new volunteers with just one feature.
The new editor, Mark Elson has taken the decision to scrap this column, much to my disgust as he "failed" to tell his readers that it was "his" decision to scrap it, not mine.

I now have no way of letting people know that it was not my decision to stop writing for this newspaper, so if you read this and know anyone who enjoyed this column, please let them know that I am still out there doing my thing and if they wish to see my column reinstated, they can contact the person responsible at this email address.
Mark Elson: 

Anyway, enough of that as I have some photographs to show you from the last couple of weeks, walking around the forest. With all this heat and with my usual trick of finding myself in the middle of the forest with no water and severe dehydration, it's a wonder I made it back out!

A couple of wild boars

This little one has come a long way just to have his photograph taken!

Then mum came up for a portrait. However, she didn't look her best!

A couple of birds

I love photographing jays and love their striking colours.

Canada goslings having a rest.

Hare today, gone in a flash!

The rare one

This is a very rare Great Crested Newt and I found a breeding colony in a pond, deep in the forest. Fantastic and great news for these very rare and protected amphibians.


  1. Sorry to hear about your column. I hope it gets reinstated.

    Lovely photos and congratulations on getting one on Springwatch last night!

  2. I am sorry too,about your Review column. it was reading it that made me try and take wildlife photos. I hope it comes back soon.