Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Warm, Cold and Confusing!

What a weird month it has been so far. First we have temperatures around 12 oC, then within a day or two they are at -3 oC (last night) and now there is talk of them returning to around 12 oC later this week!
You may be forgiven if you are thinking, "well it is winter", but when the temperature hit 12 oC earlier this month it confused a lot of our wildlife into thinking spring had come early.
Firstly there was a hedgehog rooting around my garden and secondly there was a red admiral butterfly basking in the forest. January is not a month where we should be seeing these creatures and I just hope that it has not jeopardised their survival!
There have also been reports of blooming flowers, such as daffodils, a flower, which usually blooms in February.
Snowdrops have also been blooming and I am concerned that the recent freezing temperatures may have killed them off, not to return when they should. Remember, these flowers aren't there to just look pretty; they play a vital role in our gardens and countryside with our insects, which "we" rely on for our own survival.

January Hedgehog.

January Red Admiral Butterfly.

There is one thing that you can be sure will be there every month, whether it is raining, snowing or sunny and that is the fly tipper!


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  1. Love your hedgehog pictures! I may be wrong, but don't red admirals overwinter as adults? I saw a couple here in CA, USA on Sunday when I was visiting our local monarch sanctuary. When the sun is shining and the temps are warmer, many butterflies are on the wing in search of nectar and water. It's too bad about the roadside tire discard. I haven't figured out why people toss such things when they could just as easily dispose of them at a proper dump.