Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Encounter!

I spotted a piglet dart onto the track and then back into the verge while I was out searching for wild boar. Then I saw the sow with around 8 piglets in total! I hit the deck and crawled on my belly through mud and brambles until I was approx 20 metres away. This is when the sow walked out onto the path!

She spotted me and proceeded to stalk me from the other side of the path! As I was lying down with my camera rammed into my face, she could not make out what I was and this enticed her to come closer and closer!

She was approximately 3 metres away when she suddenly realised what I was and stopped dead in her tracks. She watched me for a few moments and then as if she had suddenly realised she had piglets nearby - took off!
She ran straight back to her little ones, but stayed in the area, not bothered by my presence.

I carried on crawling on my belly until I got to within a few metres of them, but struggled to get a clear shot of the piglets.
I decided to go back to the area a couple of days later and as luck would have it, they were virtually in the same spot and this time I managed to get a piglet, nearly in the open!

On my way home I decided to stop off and take a look around another hot spot. No wild boar, but I did bump into this fine lady. A roe deer!

And finally, a greylag goose enjoying the sun on a local lake. (I was lying in the mud again!)


  1. I've always wondered why I see babies of other creatures as so darn cute. Is it instinct for us humans to protect other animals? Great photo captures!

  2. Hi Robin, what a fantastic blog you have here! I spotted you on Dean's sidebar.

    I have so much enjoyed looking through your posts. What an amazing encounter you had with the Wild Boar and on the previous post too.

    Wonderful photos!!