Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Safe at Last!

Good news everyone - the UK Government has scrapped the idiotic plans to sell off the UK's woodlands!
People power has prevailed and we have shown that if enough of us stick together and say "NO", anything is possible.
There are people saying that the Government just backed down after they realised (themselves) that their plans were wrong and that they themselves were wrong for thinking that the "sell off" was a good idea, but what I can guarantee is that if the British public had not stood up and pressurised the Government, MP's and everyone else who supported this sell off - the sell off would have already started.

Hopefully they will now leave our forests alone and concentrate on the protection they require and deserve, for they are the life blood of everything living on this planet.
The destruction of forests throughout the world is a massive threat to life on this planet, but at least we can now carry on with our world wide campaigns to help halt the destruction and deforestation going on in many countries, without looking like hypocrites.

Long live our trees and all the wildlife they support!

Forest of Dean - December 2010

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