Saturday, 19 June 2010

Fallow Deer (fawn)

I went out with the intention of looking for wild boar, but alas, even after covering a very large area, I was not lucky this time!
I did manage to find a rather large print though!

I carried on mooching about (quietly) and heard something heavy. I got myself into a good position, looking out towards a good photo spot and waited.
This young fella walked out and started grazing. Couldn't believe it!

Then, about 5 mins later this little one walked out with mum. If you are wondering why he/she is black, it is melanistic!
Melanism is caused by an increase in dark pigment and I was lucky that I photographed its dad during the rut of 2009.
He was also melanistic and the dominant buck in the area where I photographed this fawn.



  1. I'm assuming the fallow deer are native to where you are. I recently saw white fallow deer here in California behind fencing.

  2. Lovely pics N-ID!

    The fallow deer are not native to Britain, they were introduced by the Normans during the 11th century.
    The roe deer is our true native deer. We have roe deer in the forest, but their numbers are low when compared to the fallow deer.

  3. Beautiful animal,looks similar to the kind of spotted deer we have here in Sri Lanka.

  4. Thanks Amila. You sure do have some rare and exotic wildlife in Shi Lanka. A place I would love to visit!