Tuesday, 11 May 2010

BBC Radio Glos Interview

Below is a slide show accompanying a BBC Radio Gloucestershire interview I gave recently. I would like to stress that the adder is relatively harmless unless you have an allergic reaction. However, I would suggest that all adder bites are taken seriously and medical advice should be sought asap.



  1. One of our zoologists got bitten by a highly venomous Mulga Snake a few weeks ago, but no venom was injected. Goes to show that they only want you to go away and not kill you, but yes always get medical help.

  2. Spot on Richard. Quite a large number of snake bites go unreported as there are noo ill effects as a result of a dry bite!
    Probllem is, you won't know if it was a dry bite, so like you said. Get it checked out.

    Glad your zoologist was ok!