Sunday, 10 May 2009

Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean (Video)

A fantastic encounter with a large sow and her piglets.


  1. I liked that, superb picture of the sow and piglets. And with the vocals..........

  2. Thanks Bob, I was shaking with adrenaline after, this is one of my best encounters to date.

  3. Hi Rob,

    Nice one! Shows exactly how the forests boar population behaves when they encounter a human. Its a shame that when they trot towards other people like that, just to suss them out, it turns into "Oh my god, I was chased by a Wild Boar!!".

    Keep up the enthusiasm and the good work,

    Kind regards,

    Lewis Thomson.

  4. Hi Lewis,

    Your right mate, it's down to education. I knew that as soon as she spotted me I had to stand up to show her my size, but I also knew that as long as he piglets were with her, she would stay with them.
    The reason I talked through the video was to tell and show people what to expect when encountering them. As you have already mentioned, most would put that down as a charge.
    I have uploaded it to YouTube also, so hopefully it will get through to a few people.

    We have got to bump into one another one day?



  5. great vid rob just shows there are no harm in them at all like the big one i encoutered acople of weeks ago it just ambled of into the undergrowth showing no malice at all,me and the wife have seen them with the two dogs before they just run off even with there young im afraid the fc have got it all wrong ,regards brian

  6. Thanks Brian,

    Your right mate they have got it wrong, same as 90% of the general public, but that's down to the scare mongering and landowners.
    Going back before they were around I used to walk around our forest and get excited when I saw a deer, but I longed for something to get the adrenaline going. That boar got me more excited than any deer encounter and I can't wait to get out there again.


  7. Fantastic footage, Rob, and I think you're so right in saying it's important to educate people as to the dos and don'ts when encountering wild boar. They're beautiful creatures, but it's important to understand and respect them in the wild.
    As an aside, I'm the assistant editor of Cotswold Life magazine and would love to include your fantastic shot of the white buck in the November issue if at all possible. If so, I'd be grateful if you could email me at:
    Thanks so much!