Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Adder Video Footage

Lovely weather for reptiles today at New Fancy, although too hazy to see the Gos. Saw three male adult adders, a juvenile female adder and a common lizard on the walk up to the viewpoint, see video footage of a male adder at the bottom of this post.

My best encounter of the day was with a Roe Deer Buck in Speech House woods, sorry for the blurry pic, but it was a grab shot, tried getting a little too close! See pic below. Wish I had filmed him now!

Roe Deer Buck

Male Adder Close Up

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  1. Hi Rob
    I met you last Friday 20th March with Paul at New Fancy whilst watching an Adder on the path up to the viewing site,I would like to say you have a very informative blog and nice photos.I put my photos of the adder on my web if you would like to have a look.